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Profiling solid tumors— the next best thing to curing cancer is making sure you do.

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The war on cancer is at a crossroads, a point at which visualizing disease progression and treatment in whole tissue, in and around tumors, is critically important to understanding and ultimately curing cancer. Available technologies, such as genetic sequencing, cytometry and even multiplexed immunofluorescent imaging (often referred to as "spatial biology techniques"), either do not provide the necessary spatial context or are too complex and expensive for use in pathology or clinical settings. These issues limit our ability to meet this moment, owing to the complexity, skills and expense incurred using these technologies. In comparison, immunohistochemistries (IHCs) are simple and cheap— a perfect fit for research, pathology and clinical settings— but IHCs only image one biomarker at a time, a poor match with spatial biology.

xBiologix's "one pot" massively multiplexed immunofluorescent IHCs (mIHC/IF) brings simple fluorescent microscopy platforms and IHC protocols together, making profiling the required number of biomarkers available to virtually any research scientist, pathologist or clinician, heralding the dawn of a new age in spatial biology.

Our passion for simplifying health science workflows comes to the war on cancer armed with mIHC/IFs, so scientists can focus on making discoveries, drug trials can screen for the best candidates, and clinicians can personalize diagnosis and monitor an individual patient's treatment, fulfilling personalized medicine's promise.

Making Proteins Work®

xBiologix Technology

xBiologix's technology platform brings the 2022 Nobel Prize in Chemistry— for the invention of bioorthogonal click chemistry— together with nature's basic building blocks— DNA, RNA & protein— to create best-in-class products supporting health science research, drug discovery and diagnostics.

Quantitative conjugation— specific, oriented, bioorthogonal and highly efficient conjugate labeling techniques for proteins, especially antibodies— is the hallmark of our platform. Quantitative conjugation uses genetic engineering and click chemistry reaction kinetics to resolve the key protein labeling problem by ensuring that each carrier protein has one and only one payload/label, and that the payload is integrated into the target protein's structure without interfering with the protein's native kinetics or folding.

Quantitative conjugation means our customers get ready-to-use antibody-oligo conjugates that elevate conventional fluorescent microscopy instruments from Nikon®, Keyence®, Leica®, etc., to levels of performance that exceed existing spatial platforms, enabling them to use highly multiplexed, cyclic immunofluorescence strategies for spatial biology.

Quantitative conjugation also means off-the-shelf convenience for customers targeting sought-after customizations that work on existing spatial platforms, providing speed, confidence & flexibility.

xBiologix Products

xBiologix provides products and service supporting customers in the following areas—

Spatial biology with ready-to-use antibody-oligo conjugates and complementary imaging oligos with cleavable fluorophores. Our antibody oligo and complementary fluorophores are sold individually, a la cart or as tissue/pathway specific, pre-validated panels. Our "one pot" massively multiplexed immunofluorescent IHCs (mIHC/IF) protocol parallels IHC protocol with one antibody binding step, elevated to highly multiplexed imaging, radically simplifying the published cyclic immunofluorescence protocols— a.k.a cycIF.

Spatial biology solutions for immuno-oncology with massively multiplexed biomarker profiling for translational research, drug discovery & development.

Point-of-Care diagnostics for blood borne disease and hematologic disorders that empower the front lines of healthcare with inexpensive, portable and easy-to-use diagnostic devices.

At-Home infectious disease diagnostics that rival the sensitivity of lab based molecular tests.

To find out more about or to order our products, contact us at sales@xbiologix.com.

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