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xBiologix, Inc

Biotherapeutic pharmaceutical drug production is complex and exacting. It doesn’t scale well. Compared to traditional pharmaceuticals, biotherapeutic drug production is inefficient and its workflows are rife with bottlenecks. At the same time as the biotherapeutics market skyrockets, scaling its production remains elusive and increasingly critical.

xBiologix’s products simplify biotherapeutic production by making existing instruments easier to use and by relieving common workflow bottlenecks.

xBiologix’s biosensors customize the sensitivity and selectivity of the analytical instruments (BLI and SPR) that are commonly used in pharmaceutical development. These biosensors allow developers and manufacturers to shape workflows to production needs, and make biotherapeutic production simpler and more efficient, flexible, and reliable.

xBiologix: making protein work.


xBiologix, Inc

Partnerships are at the heart of the challenge to finding market access amidsts complex logistics, evolving regulation and innovation.

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