Making Proteins Work®

About xBiologix, Inc.

Making Proteins Work®

xBiologix uses synthetic biology and novel materials to create advanced infectious disease diagnostics.

We’re currently developing non-invasive COVID-19 diagnostics that will enable individuals, businesses, and communities to independently determine their COVID-19 health status quickly, accurately, and inexpensively.

By detecting just a few virus particles— in asymptomatic individuals or before an individual begins to show symptoms— we are doing our part to help the world get back to normal.

Making Proteins Work®


xBiologix Technology

Making Proteins Work®

xBiologix’s synthetic biology platform reduces background noise, increases binding capacity, and lowers the limit of detection enough to detect pathogens at the onset of disease, before symptoms develop or inspite of developing symptoms. And, our device platform is as fast, cost effective and scalable as lateral flow assays (think pregnancy tests).

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown that scalable antigen tests need to get to market earlier and they need to be able to reliably detect trace amounts of the virus— even femtograms. In other words, developing diagnostics needs to be more effective, more precise, more predictable, and less expensive; resulting products need to be simple, significantly outperform existing tests, and cost effective enough to support testing on a massive scale.

Our diagnostics platform addresses all of these needs. We develop new scalable, highly accurate diagnostics quickly and economically.

xBiologix Products

Making Proteins Work®

As a market proof point, xBiologix's first diagnostic products are highly accurate, single-use, non-invasive, point of care COVID-19 antigen tests that produce results in minutes.

We’re also working on another ground breaking development— an in-home, non-invasive test for Flu-A, Flu-B, and COVID-19 in triplicate.

To find out more about our products, or if you’re interested in participating in our trials, contact us at sales@xbiologix.com for more information.

xBiologix, Inc.

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