Making Proteins Work

xBiologix, Inc

xBiologix makes biosensors that will change what you know about scaling mAb manufacturing.

Our biosensors enable you to monitor raw products as they move downstream without dilution, without conditioning, quickly, inexpensively and scalably.

Using our Protein A biosensors is easier and more cost effective than HPLC for measuring upstream titer. Just load your raw, undiluted sample in a well and get results in two minutes. Our Protein G and L biosensors will do the same.

And, if you want to monitor mAb products or HCPs downstream, contact us.

Making Proteins Work



Making Proteins Work

Pharmaceutical and biotech companies use biosensing applications whenever possible because biosensing applications are easy to use, inexpensive and very scalable. However, biosensing applications aren't much use in manufacturing or process development because existing biosensors aren't sufficiently reliable and don't work at high product concentrations, aka titer.

xBiologix makes biosensors that overcome these problems.

As a market proof point, xBiologix is re-engineering popular biosensors to ensure reliable titer measurement in monoclonal antibody manufacturing pipelines. Now, taking full advantage biosensing applications in manufacturing workflows is as simple as upgrading to xBiologix biosensors.

xBiologix, Inc

xBiologix's initial products are Protein A biosensors that measure titers between

10 mg/L & 10 g/L on BLI and SPR platforms.

Even wider dynamic range Proteins A, G, L, anti-HCP and other advanced biosensors for most popular biosensing instruments are forthcoming.

Find out what we have to offer:

contact sales@xbiologix.com for product availability and pricing or download our order form.

xBiologix, Inc.

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